Bob C. Palo Alto, CA

Dr. Zand treated me at no expense in 2011 when I was a victim of Skin & Weight loss center who charged me 3x what Dr. Zand charges.  I was bruised and bleeding (my complaint against Dr. Shailala Menon is being investigated by the Medical Board of California).  Subsequently, after he helped me recover, I lost 24 pounds with his medically supervised HCG plan (238 to 214).  Currently, I am near 190 pounds and also getting additional treatments for weight and firming the excess. He charges less than other Doctors but gives much more in terms of his time and care. Thank God for Dr. Zand - I am a disabled Vietnam veteran with special needs.  My primary care physicians in Palo Alto are quite pleased with my progress and improved health since going to Dr. Zand.  As an alumnus of Stanford, a licensed attorney in California, a business owner and clinical trials specialist - I give Dr. Zand my highest recommendation.  Besides his extraordinary knowledge, care and fairness, he has integrity.  Don't listen to scammers and others who want something for nothing and are looking to hurt people like Dr. Zand.  I guarantee you that they have never given him a chance to provide his quality care - Dr. Zand doesn't come cheap but he is more than fair.  I love this man, too, for who he is at heart as well as for his highest quality care.

Jamy R. Fremont, CA

I am 200 lbs 5'6 and came to Dr Zand to do lipo in my upper/lower abdomen, flanks, and back rolls. Today is 2 days post op my surgery and I am strolling around the park like my usual self. I did experience a bit of drainage the first and second day but is less and less and I am experiencing slight swelling but not to severe, the incisions were so small he did 5 punctures but u cannot even see them they so tiny. The doc removed about 2400 cc of fat even offered to finish the back rolls later when he does a revision. Dr Zand considered my safety first and I am very appreciative of this. I give this place a 5 stars the staff was very caring and helpful even accommodated me to reschedule the surgery day due to work. Dr Zand took the time to listen and addressed my concerns and is sincerely interested in helping me reach my goals. I plan to have a Spring wedding and I need to look my best. I already could notice some difference in my overall tummy pouch appearance and it is looking good, I haven't experienced no lumps or other complication some people tend to have my hands cross it remains this way. In 4 weeks is my follow up and I have high expectation the procedure was a success. Thank u Dr Zand u were great to me.

Saghi S. Sacramento CA

I have been referred to Dr. Zand from a friend in San Jose back in February 2013, for laser hair removal and I traveled 130 miles to see him. In my opinion he is a great doctor, great personality, kind and very reasonable priced, comparing with other cosmetic doctors/ surgeons that I have received estimates from.
Once I was in his office, the staff were very pleasant and Dr. Zand explained the whole procedure and gave me a tour of his office, showing me all the top of the line equipment he has and the Doctor himself, Not the Nurse or a Medical assistant did the procedure keeping a very open communication during the procedure. I love the results. I am Middle Eastern with moderate to high amount of hair everywhere; with only one session I can say 70% of the hair was gone. I mean GONE. I saw him last week for another session for the remaining of it, I love the way my legs look. Ready for the summer, and No More Shaving every day, I would highly recommend Dr. Zand to all my Friends and Family.


Ash A. San Jose CA

I generally don't write reviews, but I just had to make an exception this time and talk about my wonderful experience with Dr. Zand.  I was interested in smartlipo but didn't know much about it, so I found him on the Internet, called his office and set up an appointment for consultation. First off, his office is new, clean and very inviting.  I can't stand walking into an old, dirty doctor's office.  When I arrived for my consultation, I was immediately greeted with a warm smile and introduction from his staff.  They promptly escorted me to the exam room and that's where Dr. Zand thoroughly explained to me everything about smartlipo and how the procedure works.  His knowledge and expertise was very impressive!  Dr. Zand spared no expense to make sure that all of the appropriate tests were performed before he even agreed to do the surgery.  There happens to be a lab right next door to his office, so he filled out all of the necessary paperwork and then walked me over himself to get the tests done.

Everything went smoothly the day of surgery.  His staff, made me feel comfortable, and there was no doubt in my mind that he knew exactly what he was doing once I was on the operating table.  The great thing about SmartLipo is that you're awake the whole time, but don't feel any pain.  Dr. Zand and his nurse worked together during the surgery like a perfectly orchestrated symphony.  They constantly checked in with me and asked if I was doing okay.  After a couple of hours, he was done and his team bandaged me up.  
There was a miscommunication on my part about getting a ride home after the surgery.  Even though you're awake the whole time, apparently you can't drive after due to the medications in your system (I honestly felt fine to drive).  Nonetheless, I couldn't get a ride last minute and Dr. Zand refused to let me drive myself home -  so you know what he did?  He gave me a ride home himself!  I was very grateful for his generosity.  On top of all this, he made himself available on a Sunday morning for my follow-up appointment since I have a crazy schedule.  Talk about going above and beyond!
Dr. Zand is amazing, and I couldn't be happier with my SmartLipo results.  He's kind, generous and extremely personable.  He even gives out his cell phone number in case of an emergency after surgery.  I highly recommend Dr. Zand!


Emma C. San Jose, CA

A good doctor is hard to find, but a great one is almost impossible.

I have known Dr. Zand for many years now and let me tell you. I wouldn't go anywhere else.  Dr. Zand has gone above and beyond what should be expected from an OBGYN doctor. Dr. Zand is very enthusiastic about what he does and he goes above and beyond the call of duty to make sure you as the patient are feeling safe and confident. Throughout my pregnancy we spent a lot of time with Dr. Zand as he performed most of the ultrasounds himself and made sure to see me personally at almost every appointment to answer questions or to just talk about what was going on.  I honestly believe that he is the biggest reason why this has been my Best pregnancy ever!!!
He treated me like I was his one and only patient and accommodated my schedule.  I never had to wait for a response/call back/appointment.  He even gave me his cell phone # and let me not forget to tell you about his amazing, caring wife Laleh she is an angel.  She has helped me overcome my fear of being pregnant again!! I love that lady.
Consider yourself very blessed if you get to have this team of people at your side.  They will take wonderful care of you!

Cherry B. Los Gatos, CA

My experience with Dr Zand has been great. He is very informative and a highly skilled health care professional. He explained my situation and all my options. He answered all my questions carefully and he even brought up couple of articles for me to read, so I can make an intelligent decision.
Signe V. Marina, CA
I have enjoyed getting to know Dr. Zand and his wife Laleh this last year through my externship. I have been trained directly by Dr. Zand. I take the patient's vitals and weight and Dr. Zand asks the patient's background information then he charts it. He is very thorough when he is with his patients. He takes the time with each individual patient because he is concerned for their welfare. I have observed him interact with many patients. His patients consist of new moms, moms to be, he has patients that come in for general medical visits and patients for his weight loss program or Smart Lipo surgery. He takes into consideration each patient and their case. He has patients that travel very far for him to be their doctor. I have had the opportunity to observe and assist (helping Carla) in his Smart Lipo surgeries. I have enjoyed watching his patients transform into new people.
Since I have been coming to Dr. Zand's office, he and his wife Laleh have truely been inspirational to me. Watching his weight loss patients has inspired me to start Dr. Zand's weight loss program and I have lost 28 pounds.

Angie C. Palo Alto, CA

My rating for Dr. Zand and his staff (Laleh his wife and Michelle his medical assistant) all FIVE STARS!!!! They are amazing. I did my externship a few months ago at his office and got the best experience and will always take it with me. I am thankful for that. I got to see many patients he has helped as well as me. He is a well known doctor and is loved and respected by his staff and patients. I got to experience his amazing weight loss program. IT REALLY WORKS BELIEVE ME!!! DR. Zand explained his different weight loss program and gave me his professional recommendation to which one to go for. Laleh and Michelle also walked me through the program and gave me helpful information, hearing it from them and seeing the result with my own eyes from patients that have tried his weight loss program and the fact that he is an OB/GYN doctor. I decided to give it a try and tried his HCG diet. BELIEVE ME IT IS WORTH IT AND REALLY WORKS!! It gave me fast results and my eating habits got healthier and better. In a one month I lost 20 to 30 pounds. I didn't even exercise much because I did not have enough time. I only had one day off and worked at his office for 3 days and my other job another 3 days on top of that I have a 2 year old dropping her off at the babysitter commuting for about 1 to 2 hours did not give me enough time to work out but I followed his HCG diet like he said and it gave me the results. My family, friends notice my weight dropping and that just motivated me even more to continue to follow his program because it works. I took a month in a half break from the HCG diet but still followed the eating healthy and after that month in a half break. I decided to go back on the HCG diet to lose another 20 to 30 pounds before my birthday. HIS WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM WORKS TRUST ME GO IN TO HIS OFFICE AND GET A FREE CONSULTATION AND YOU WILL BE HAPPY WHEN YOU START SEEING THE DIFFERENCE IN YOUR CLOTHES, LOOK, AND POUNDS JUST DROPPING!!!!!


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